Litter Boxes for Cats of all Sizes and Shapes

Cats are pet animals that everyone loves to raise at homes. Having the little pets purr at the feet and curl into the owners lap, is a delight that all cat lovers like. But it has its darker side. The question “Who is going to bell the cat?” has changed to “Who is going to clean the litter?”

Technology has moved and they’re are actually cat litter boxes that will clean themselves requiring you to only dispose of the litter every now and then. It’s a great time saver but make sure you find a good one like the ones in this best automatic cat litter box guide.

Littering Solutions

The cat litter box is the solution to this tricky question. Cats generally go out to relieve themselves and provide the perfect solution to this question. But there are chances of the pet succumbing to various infections and dangers outside. The next best solution is train them to litter indoors. There are various types of litter boxes that help cats to relieve themselves of feces and urine. These are collection boxes that are of the right size for cats and are also known as sandbox or litter pan.

Training the Cat

Training the cat to relieve itself in a particular spot is a very tedious but worthwhile habit that all pet owners train their cats to do. Cats generally swipe the muddy area of the ground while littering and this trait of the cat is used here.  By providing the trays with the same material, the cats are encouraged to use the trays to litter. Materials like clay or recycled paper or natural dirt, are laid on the cat litter boxes so that the cats give in to their natural desire and get trained easily. These litter fillers help to absorb the moisture and lessens the bad odor. Baking soda or odorized crystals are also used as air fresheners.

Litter Box Varieties

The cat litter boxes come in different shapes and design such as open pans, hooded pans, self-cleaning pans and top-entry pans. To facilitate easy cleaning they are usually open and rectangular in shape. They can also be easily emptied if there are liners provided within it. Choosing the litter box may also depend on the cost factor. The ordinary cheap varieties are open boxes that can also be emptied and cleaned easily. As the model improves, the cost factor also increases. There are self-cleaning boxes too, that come with a price. The hooded boxes do not spill easily and keep the place clean. The open boxes are spacious so that the cat has ample space inside. There are open boxes with high backs too. Of course, there are disposable boxes for those who do not like the entire job of cleaning cat litter. The enclosed pans provide privacy for the cat. Kits are also available to train the cats to develop a good toilet habit which saves the house from all mess and smell. These boxes come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Boxes should be kept at discrete places such as, under the stairs or near the laundry to keep the interior of the house clean. Regular cleaning of the box is required to keep away bad odor. After disposing the waste, one should disinfect hands properly as it leads to personal hygiene.

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